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But tell me the sperm isn't crazy when one year later, with Peyton cheering wildly inside a suite in an Arizona dome, the youngest Manning would trigger a startling upset in sports history. - Jay Mariotti

Sometimes it is damn near impossible critiquing Jay Mariotti's back page revolting drivel.

Unless one absolutely abhors NFL football, doesn't own a television set or boycotts Oreo cookies, in all likelihood the average American is somewhat aware of Peyton and Eli Manning. At last identification check, they are still the offspring of former NFL quarterback Archie and yes this nauseating story of pseudo Camelot of alleged football royalty has been collectively shoved down all our throats by the mass media and manufacturers of millions of products that begin with energy supplement beverages and ultimately will end with feminine hygiene products.

However for Jay Mariotti, the Manning genealogy is evidently all very new and exciting. And to those wondering, indeed valuable print space was wasted to scorn the much beleaguered and maligned Rex Grossman. Perhaps the dwarf was disappointed over not receiving another bouquet of flowers at this year's Super Bowl. Seems that unlike Dr. Grossman, Archie does not subscribe to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Most disturbing, is Mariotti's weird fascination with Archie Manning's sperm. It seems that male anatomy and associated sexual reproductive innuendo continues to dominate the inner psyche of Chicago's most loathed columnist* along with an apparent fetish for Manning related commercials.

Finally, it is worthy to note that Mariotti's dateline continues to read GLENDALE, Ariz. Even though the rest of the world has moved on from Super Bowl Sunday, "covering" this sports event must be so exhausting for Jay that at least an additional two days after the big game was required to kick back for rest and relaxation in the desert.

Or perhaps Jay is still hunting down Inez to buy her wedding dress in order to appease the desires of a presumed reclusive Tom Brady. One never knows.

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