I'd say he was a human being. Now, he's going to be an "asshole" again. - Jay Mariotti

One can only wonder what an insufferable daily ordeal it must be to share workspace and consistently lose out to Jay Mariotti for the back page of the Chicago Sun-Times.

Odds are that most of the other journalists at the Sun-Times who also cover Chicago's sports scene actually do care about their chosen profession and ply their job respectfully. All that hard work and dedication routinely flushed down the toilet by an overzealous tabloid influenced editor who purposefully chooses Jay's trash over credible hard work.

Seriously Rick and Chris, that must really suck balls.

Why is it that today's dateline indicates no location? Is Mariotti in Mesa, Arizona or not? And if so, why is Oz on the mind instead of the Cubs?

So many questions with no rational answers. What a disgrace and unjustifiable expense to the corporate account.

Apparently the dwarf stumbled upon a rerun of South Park's "It Hits the Fan" episode where heaven and earth shook when television executives were lampooned over exploiting the word "shit" (and ironically who is and who is not permitted to say "fag"). Jay must be quite proud of his accomplishment of "crossing the line" and exhibiting "gritty edginess" by typing "asshole" not once but twice!

Did someone just whisper Lisagor?

Mariotti apparently is in mid season form of ripping Guillen with a rather non flattering comparison to former Sox manager Terry Bevington. Somewhere out there in the swamps of New Jersey, a presumably now former minion with an affinity towards a particular cruciferous leafy green vegetable is bellowing over the betrayal of his master.

Once again, the pot calls the kettle black as the pundit accuses (again) Ozzie Guillen for being a "megalomaniac" while ranting and raving that the South Side's manager's "15 minutes expired two years ago." Furthermore, Jay claims :

If he were a rapper, he'd be Vanilla Ice. If he were a trashy figure skater, he'd be Tonya Harding. If he were dead, he'd be Anna Nicole Smith.

Well, if he were a hateful vertically challenged flip-flopping raving idiot with a disturbingly enlarged head, he'd be Jay Mariotti. At least Ozzie Guillen has that going for him heading into the 2008 baseball season.

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