Early one morning I read the comments made by Torii Hunter, outfielder of the Los Angeles Angels.  He talked about his desire to see more African-Americans playing baseball.   I agree with his sentiments.  However, Hunter took a wrong turn by declaring that Latin American players are impostors that can easily be had for a "bag of chips."

He apologized and here comes the onslaught of Latin American players or a coach (Ozzie Guillen, manager of the Chicago White Sox) stating Hunter is wrong for saying that they are merely pawns in getting in America to play baseball.  I was fine with Guillen's statements saying they get paid millions and not some Lay's until he said that they will take over the country.

First reaction: "Get the F*** outta here!"

Why are you going over the top to defend something as pointless as the truth?  Is it not true that with the same complexion as African-Americans that Latin-Americans, no matter how unintentional, make way for the numbers of blacks to be misconstrued in baseball?

One can see blacks in America going away from the diamond because let's face it: it isn't cool to be playing baseball in the ghettos.  Young black boys aren't trying to be the next Hunter, Ken Griffey, Jr. or Orlando Hudson.  They carry bats around for protection and not to get their swings aligned.  Besides the hype surrounded by LeBron James and so many other making it big at the tender age of legalization in basketball is too much to handle.  The baseball world doesn't offer the hype of professional basketball nor collegiate football.

The perks of playing baseball such as still being able to finish your college degree and still getting signed is over-shadow by capitalism in every other major sporting arena.  In baseball, you work your way to the top.  In basketball and football, a bust is all too easy to sign.

So while Hunter's comments were made out of frustration or rather in a manner to state the obvious, Guillen's comments were outright unclassy.  Let's take a serious matter in baseball and turn it into let Latin Americans take over America's past-time.

Does this guy ever not speak just to listen to himself?  He's another Mike Leach except he doesn't coach someone that has a father working at ESPN.  Guillen, sit down and enjoy America.

You're in our skin and in our country.  The only words I want to here is "Thanks."  Thanks for giving me an opportunity that wasn't found in my country.  Thanks for accepting me with open arms without any contrived judgments." Eventually, I'll utter the words: "Thanks.  Thanks for helping to make baseball in America better through improved competition."

However, until that day comes, I'll be discovering a new brand of Lay's.  You're a tad bit too salty and too much to handle these days Guillen.

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