As if anyone needed Deion Sanders' toolness to be articulated, he's been going into overdrive to prove it. He's been mouthing off on NFL Network about how Donovan McNabb wants out of Philadelphia. I hope this doesn't come to pass just so Sanders will have to shut up.

I don't think that the Eagles' front office is ready to part ways with McNabb. If they are smart, they will listen to Andy Reid, who proclaimed that McNabb is the "best quarterback in the NFL" or something to that affect.

Since it seems very likely that the Eagles front office (FO) will not be changing head coaches, it follows that this same management team, which has lived and died with McNabb, will not be making a QB change either.

In the playoff loss against the Cardinals, McNabb was 28 of 47 and passed for 375 yards, three touchdowns and one interception. He led the team on an improbable comeback and deserves props for not allowing the game to get out of hand - and in fact, almost leading the Eagles to a win.

With Brian Westbrook and DeSean Jackson (finally - a very good receiver) in place, I think the future is bright for the Eagles. They have a lot to build upon, considering the way this season went. I didn't think they'd even make the playoffs, let alone the NFC Title game.

Even if McNabb hasn't been able to win the NFC Title games, at least the Eagles are getting there. There are at least 15 teams in the NFL that would love to say that they even had a shot at a title game, or even a playoff game.

If anyone - Sanders included - thinks that the Eagles will be parting ways with McNabb - or, more laughably, be better off without him - I suggest reliving the Eagles/Ravens game. That's Philly's future without McNabb. Pretty scary. I suspect that McNabb and Reid will both be back next year.

And, despite what a few, loud naysayers will bleat (and what ESPN will surely focus on, because...they lack objectivity or judgment...?), the Eagles will be better for it.

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