I am a big fan of the relegation system they use in soccer and even basketball in Europe. I always wondered what would happen in the US had such a system in major sports leagues. So I'll try it out first with the NFL. And yes, this would involve creating new teams.

1. The 8 teams that finish in last place in their respective divisions would be relegated from the NFL to the NFL 2nd League.

2. The NFL 2nd League is made up of 16 teams from new franchises and NFL teams that were relegated.

3. The teams are divided into 2 tables, the "Relegated Conference" and the "NFL 2 Original Conference".

4. The 16 teams would play in their own table, as in teams from the RC and the will play each other twice (a 14 game schedule), and will not face the NOC. The games would be played on Thursday and Friday nights instead of Sunday.

5. A win is worth 3 points, a draw is worth 1, a loss is worth 0 points.

6. The top 3 teams from each conference will automatically be promoted to the NFL, and back to their previous division (in the case of teams from the NOC, the NFL 2, selects which team will go where in promotion).

7. Those who finish 4th and 5th in their conference standings will go to a winner goes to the top flight game.


  • NFL 2 plays by the same rules as the NFL, only NFL 2 uses the points system.
  • Games would be regionally televised by, say, ABC.

Here is an example of teams that would be relegated using this season's standings:

AFC East: Miami Dolphins

AFC North: Baltimore Ravens

AFC South: Houston Texans

AFC West: Oakland Raiders

NFC East: Philadelphia Eagles

NFC North: Chicago Bears

NFC South: Atlanta Falcons

NFC West: St. Louis Rams

And here are the tables (using fictional names of course for the smaller market teams):

Relegated Conference

1. Chicago Bears (37 pts)

2. St. Louis Rams (25 pts)

3. Atlanta Falcons (21 pts)


4. Oakland Raiders (20 pts)

5. Baltimore Ravens (17 pts)

Remain in NFL 2

6. Miami Dolphins (12 pts)

7. Houston Texans (9 pts)

8. Philadelphia Eagles (9 pts)

NFL 2 Original Conference

1. San Antonio Tornadoes (40 pts)

2. San Jose Devils (33 pts)

3. Las Vegas Slots (26 pts)


4. Orlando Scorchers (22 pts)

5. Baton Rouge Gators (19 pts)

Remain in NFL 2

6. Bakersfield Stallions (16 pts)

7. Tacoma Stingers (14 pts)

8. Portland Fury (13 pts)

The NFL 2 would determine which team from the NOC would go to which division in the NFL, even if it means sending them to a division that makes no geographical sense at all.

Any questions folks?

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