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If You Could Talk To Your Clubs, What Would You Tell Them?

The reason why I am writing this article today is to explain to all golfers what the consequence is by throwing theirs clubs in the forest, when they get angry, after missing theirs tee off. Let me tell you a story that happened last year while I was playing golf. There was a foursome ahead of us, with a guy who was very impatient. Every time we were on the green, he was ready to tee off. Everything was going fine for this player until he start missing his tee off, I would say, 2 or 3 times out of 18 holes. The funny part is, that he was walking back in the forest to get his club back while swearing at the same time.

You see, this golfer only missed 3 times out of 18 holes, meaning that he had 15 good shots. So at this point, what is the morale of all this? Golfers should always count only theirs bad shots? No! Simply because, clubs don't talk and have nothing to do with your anger. Of course, if you had missed 17 times out of 18 holes, with your driver, then you should ask yourself if you have the right club for your actual swing?. But otherwise, you do have the right club. Getting angry will only increase chances to miss more shots, because you will not concentrate on your swing and hit probably faster. Period.

When you miss a shot on the tee off or on the fairway, more angrier you get, more mistakes you make. Therefore if you miss, ask yourself, where is my mistake? Is it my shoulders, my hips, my hands, the downswing? And next time, only think about this error and don't think about anything else. You know that if you correct it, you will have a perfect shot. Have you ever see a professional golfer, when he missed his shot, he always re-swing and try to figure out where he failed.This is why they are professionals. Remember, if you miss a tee off, keep you club because driving a golf ball 200 yards with your hands, is tougher than you think!

So I guess from here, lots of golfers would recognize themselves.Relax on a golf course it's only a game.

Enjoy your golf Robert

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