I didn’t have a real reason not to join eBay before, I’ve had a credit card for years, but I just hadn’t done it.  My friends would occasionally tell me about the great things they bought on eBay, but I never thought that I needed to be involved, it just didn’t click with me. 

Last Thursday I created an eBay account.  Seconds later, I created a Paypal account.  Currently being shipped to my house is a DVD of Pistol Pete’s “Homework Basketball” which included a bonus DVD of highlights from his days at LSU, a late 80s painter-style Celtics hat (with tags!), and tickets to a game at Yankee stadium, it is the final season after all.  I bought all of things so quickly I can’t even leave feedback on the site yet.


It’s only been a few days, but if my eBay spending continues at this clip, I could be in some real trouble.  The real issue here is I haven’t started ordering some of the bread and butter type stuff yet, but whenever I have some free time now I find myself trolling for Sports Illustrateds and sports cards, many of which I undoubtedly will start buying.  I mean, I bought a video titled "Homework Basketball" and I'm nearly 25 and my basketball ability has pretty much peaked, so who knows what else I am capable of buying?


Bird shootout
Am I going to be happy with all the stuff I’ve bought?  Thrilled, there’s no doubt in my mind.  But there’s so much cool stuff on that stupid website, I’m going to need to start showing some self restraint soon, because if I have to choose between an 80s style Celtic warm up jersey and eating a few meals, well I think that decision is going to be obvious…

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