I really don't see why people now hate Plaxico Burress with a passion.  He said the New York Giants would beat the New England Patriots, SO WHAT!!  I don't see what the big deal here is.  Like Michael Strahan said, if a reporter asks you if you're going to win, your not going to say no.  You're gonna say, YES, we are going to win.  You can't go into the Super Bowl thinking you're going to lose, you have to have confidence in yourself.  The only reason I would be against what Plax did, is it gives the opposing team something to play for, but it's the damn Super Bowl, both teams are going to play their hearts out.  What Plax said, will have nothing to do with the outcome of Sunday's game, the better team is going to come out on top.

I, myself, think that the Giants can win this game.  If they eliminate mistakes, and the Eli Manning of old doesn't show up come game-time, then NY has as good a chance as New England does in this game.

I'm sure you're thinking:  "Hey, your a Steelers fan, what about what Anthony Smith said about New England earlier this year?"  Well, I really don't think that made a difference either.  New England was on top of their game, Tom Brady threw 399 Yards, and 4 TD's, picking on none other than Anthony Smith.  BUT, Smith is a young guy, making his first start, he would have thrown his way any, and the SAME thing would have happened.  So, you can have a grudge against him for the rest of your life, but that's not going to change young NFL players, who think it's cool to run their mouth.  There is always going to be guys like him in the NFL (look at how the Chargers QB acts out in San Diego).

My point is, that I don't think that guaranteeing a victory has much of an effect on the outcome of the game, especially against a team as dangerous as this New England team.  Tom Brady doesn't need another reason to go out there and play hard week in, and week out, his motivation is his will to win.  This whole thing just gives the media something to talk about so they don't run out of things to talk about in the 2 weeks leading up to Super Bowl Sunday.  SO, this goes to all Giants fans: If you guys lose, don't blame this on Plaxico, because I already know he's going to give it his all (unlike LT).  AND, I didn't forget about all you Patriot fans, DON'T blame it on Brady's ankle/throwing shoulder, if the Giants fly outta Glendale with an upset win.  The only thing you're supposed to do when you lose, is congratulate the winning team, and make no excuses, instead, admit they are better than you (HA, like ANYONE ever does that).

NOTE: Not every "Guaranteed win" has turned out bad, Super Bowl III, anyone???  That's very good news for any superstitous Giants fans out there.

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