I feel disgusting! I cheated! Something I never thought I would do, yes I did it. I rooted for a player that was wearing pinstripes. Yes Yankee pinstripes. The worst kind of pinstripes ever to be worn. Yep I did it, and I feel bad. I was one of them that fell for that trap. It is exactly what the Yankees wanted, they wanted all eyes on them, and who can blame them, every MLB team wants all eyes on them. The Yanks made every one like them, and yes even I did. They pulled exactly what the Sawks want to do in a few years, when Fenway comes down.

However, I would not fall for it. They tempted me in every way possible. They pulled the history card, and I looked but didn’t bite. I wouldn’t do it; I am committed to the Boston Red Sox. I love the Sawks; I have for the past 19 years (I was born 19 years ago). I have looked at other teams, but never rooted. And now the worst team to look at tempts me. My rival. It is almost like that girl my girlfriend hates, trying to pull one on me. But I resisted. I wouldn’t do it. Then the Yanks pulled another move. They talked about the All-Stars they have and the great atmosphere there. And I wasn’t impressed. I love who I am with and I am not going to change it. I stayed tough. Then the All-Star game started. And now the Yankee’s were teammates. Pulling for the AL but hoping no Yankees were succsessful was my plan just as it is every year.

Derek Jeter walked to the plate and the crowd stood up and cheered loudly. I stayed slumped in my recliner and in my head I booed him. Then he jumped on a Ben Sheets pitch and got on base. “Dang” I said to myself. Two batters later, A-rod. I hate A-Rod. And he popped up to the catcher, I pumped my fist.

In the third Jeter again with one on and no outs. I wanted a strike out. Then he grounded into a double play, “Dangit Jeter I only wanted one out you idiot” I muttered. Then A-Rod in the fourth, He struck out, another fist pump. In the fifth A-Rod left the game, another fist pump. Jeter grounded out to the mound, yet another fist pump. In the sixth Jeter came out of the game, I was defiantly glad to see him gone.

I made it, I never cheered for a Yankee. I couldn’t bring myself to do it. They looked good, they tempted me and pulled me in their direction, but I wouldn’t budge. Nope I stayed loyal to my true love. Then disaster. I should have seen it coming. With one out in the eighth inning, Franconia made the call. Marino Rivera from the pen. I tried to stay strong. But it was like a model just walked in the room. You have to look. And if you have a chance you have to take it, right? A run by the NL and there goes home field. So I did it. I had to right? I cheered for Rivera, I rooted for a Yankee. I had to, Tito made me do it. He pushed me into it. So I did it. I cheated on the Sox. And it had some effects. The short-term effects were good. No runs and Rivera kept it a tie game and yep it felt good. I was pulling for one of the games all time greats, for the first time ever. I had to.

However like everything it came to an end. Rivera came out of the game; it was over just like that. Nothing great came out of it. Except now I have to turn back to Papelbon and cheer for him like nothing ever happened between Marino and I. So there it is, that is what I will do. From now on I will boo Rivera just like I did before. Pretend nothing ever happened. And Papelbon and the Red Sox will never know.

They can never know. It will just be my dirty little secret.

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