I need more TV's. I was trying to watch game 3 of the Red Wings/Predators series and the Twins/Tigers game at same time. and to paraphrase what Jack Buck said when Kirk Gibson hit that homer to beat the A's in a World Series game a couple of decades ago, "I can't believe what I just didn't see!"

The Tigers, trailing at various times 5-0 and 9-4 and looking therefore for all the world like a team that was about to be 2-11, were in the midst of a six-run 8th en route to pulling out an 11-9 win over the Twins and in all the excitement of that I forgot all about the hockey game.

It was 3-2 Wings the last time I'd checked and I remember the clock said there was 4:13 or so to go in the game. So, when I flipped back over the FSN I wasn't surprised to see the post-game show had begun. I surfed right on over to to get the final, fully expecting to see the Wings had won and had taken an insurmountable three games to none lead in the series. When the scoreboard at the top of the webpage read NSH 5, DET 3, in spite of the fact I'd never seen the wrong score put up on that website I still thought to myself, "No, that can't be right," and I went to the scoreboard page to get the actual final score and there learned that there had been no computer input error, that the wings had indeed, somehow, lost 5-3. A check of the boxscore showed Nashville, about thirty seconds after I had switched back to the baseball game, scored goals :09 apart before scoring (apparently into an empty net) in the final minute to stun the Wings.

It was a lot like what had happened Saturday when I was also switching back and forth between games since the Tigers and Wings were also playing at the same time. I just happened to see Nashville erase a 2-0 second-period Detroit lead with goals :11 apart and I wondered at the time if those had been the fastest two goals ever allowed by the Wings in a playoff game. The WIngs post-season media guide offered no answer as it listed only the fastest two goals scored by Detroit in a pos-season game, not the fastest two goals allowed by Detroit. I couldn't even tell if it were a record for Nashville since their post-season guide, in spite of the fact that it goes over 250 pages, a remarkable length for such a book, failed to include that record. Well, if it had been a record for Nashville, or a record against Detroit, it was broken tonight. The record for fastest two goals be Detroit in the playoff game, for the record, is as follows: > > FASTEST TWO GOALS: *5 seconds - Norm Ullman, Apr. 11, 1965, second period vs. Chicago, 17:35, 17:40 against Glenn Hall *= NHL Record

As for the Tigers, they won and in spite of this awful start of theirs, stand a not-insurmountable five games out of first pending the outcome of tonight's west coaster between the White Sox and the A's. Cleveland got beat on a two-outs in the 9th inning homer tonight by the Red Sox and the Indians aren't off to the best of starts, either. Just sayin

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