Bill Belichick has been illegally taping opponents’ defensive signals since he became the New England Patriots’ coach in 2000, according to Sen. Arlen Specter, who said NFL commissioner Roger Goodell told him that during a meeting Wednesday. Spector said Goodell gave him that information during the 1-hour, 40-minute meeting, which was requested by Specter so the commissioner could explain his reasons for destroying the Spygate tapes and notes. Belichick told the commish that he thought taping of the teams defensive signs was legal. Specter would also like to interview some other league officials about what exactly was taped and which games may have been compromised. Goodell says that “we were the ones that disclosed” the Patriots’ illegal taping of the New York Jets’ defensive signals in Week 1 of last season. But Goodell has repeatedly said that he has nothing to hide. He also told Specter that he does not regret destroying the tapes.

There are some things that I do not understand, like when Specter wants to know why penalties were imposed on Belichick before the full extent of the wrongdoing was known and the tapes destroyed in a two-week span. He thinks that there was a little bit of a cover-up. Which I think is total BS. I think that the reason Goodell got rid of the tapes was because, why would he want to keep something like that in his league that was horrible and constituted cheating.

Lets get serious. There is no need to ever keep them or watch them again unless you bring in legendary NFL Films man Steve Sabol to do a little documentary on “SpyGate” and actually show some of the cheating going on. But that would be very bad for the league even though it would get a lot of ratings. (Oh and a little side note Steve Sabol is bad ass and I would not fight him!) But I think Goodell did the right thing and Congress is just knit picking their fights now. There is no need for Congress to be a part of this at all there are more important things to worry about.

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