There have been many times in which ESPN have pushed me to the brink of nausea with the absolutely non-credible articles that they have posted on their website. It is for my undying passion for sports in general that this website even makes its appearance on my Internet History. Unfortunately, I have been pushed past the stage of nausea and actually felt like I was going to gag after seeing the following nonsense:

ESPN, the soon to be ex-worldwide leader of sports has decided in it's own infinite wisdom to take it's already insane coverage of Brett Favre to yet another level. With ESPN basically posing as the Brett Favre network for the last month, I didn't think that was humanly possible.

In today's training camp practice, Nick Mangold and Brett Favre apparently had a fumbled exchange. Under the rules of Eric Mangini, one has to run a lap around the field if he happens to put the ball on the ground for any reason. These rules apply to the legend, the icon and the media darling Brett Favre. Brett Favre was treated to a rousing ovation when he ran around the field with Nick Mangold. There's no issue on my part with the ovation from Jets fans during the lap although both players felt it was a bit weird to be cheered for during a penalty lap. I bet you that the cheering fans never imagined in their wildest dreams that they would see a legend dawning their uniform and throwing crisp bullet passes to the point that they are saying Chad who?

The issue here is that ESPN has decided to post this nonsense on their site like this is relevant news. This has to mean everything he does is fair game. Stay tuned for an article about what sandwich he had for lunch. Did he have ham and cheese? Parmesan? Peanut Butter and Jelly? Why stop there? I can imagine reporters will be snooping in to see what the color of his football gloves are and what deodorant he uses before practice. In a practice last week, Jets OG Alan Faneca had two false starts and subsequently two practice laps to run that day. He's the highest paid offensive lineman in the NFL. There was no breaking news. There were no Youtube postings. In fact, most of you are probably hearing about this for the first time. And you know why:


The article linked above is just another piece of evidence to show you that ESPN is on the ropes as a whole.

In fact, the entire media is on the ropes as a whole.

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