I don’t want to change opinions with this. People feel either one way about Clemens and McNamee or the other.

Some feel that Roger is lying.

Some feel that Brian is lying.  [1]

I am in the third camp: They are both lying.

Some of you are saying: “But Matt, that isn’t exactly a groundbreaking idea.”

You would be right. A lot of people are feeling this way, especially after the spectacle that took place yesterday.

ESPN Legal Analyst Roger Cossack told a joke on KJR this morning.

“What is the most dangerous place to be on Capital Hill? Between a Congressman and a camera.” [2] That is what the entire hearing felt like. It became a contest of who could be Clemens’ best friend or who could destroy McNamee’s credibility. Did you notice that Chairman Waxman looks like a caricature of a a mouse? The best lines (mostly paraphrased):

“Roger, when you go in the Hall of Fame which jersey will you be wearing?” “It’s okay, Roger, I know you will be in Heaven.” “Brian, shame on you.”

Wow. What the heck happened? Wasn’t this about who is lying?

According to the hearing: McNamee won. He had evidence and affidavits from others. He had 3 witnesses to Clemens' zero. He had the best opening speech and came out as almost a martyr due to the treatment by Congress.

Clemens struggled most of the time. He said a lot of “ums” and “ers”. When they Chairman was concluding, Clemens interrupted, coming off as a bigger jerk. He danced around questions and coined the new term: “mis-remembered”.

I am very interested to see what comes of this. I want to see if perjury charges are filed on either of them.

They both came off as slimeballs.

And how about having only one person between them? Good thing 'Roid Rage didn't kick in.

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