My fellow Armchair Gm Alums, I write this article while being on Cloud 9000 right now. This is the greatest night for me as a Giants fan as well as one of the greatest nights in all of sports. There's a reason why fans like me and Pean and DNL and every Giant fan on this website across the country put on our Giants apparel and cheer and support this team. It is to get to this point!

The summit, the mountaintop, the Mt Everest of the National Football League.

Where do I begin?? First off, a tip of the hat to the New England Patriots franchise for playing a great game and having the season that they had. Also, credit goes to the dozens of Pats fans on this site and others who've sent their congratulations.

Never in a million or gazillion years did I EVER, EVER think that we'd have a season like this.

Eli Manning is in New York City lore forever. In 7 weeks, he has lived up to the billing and withstood all the pressure and the verbal thrashing by fans {including myself}. That drive in the final 2:42 is one of the greatest drives, if not the greatest drives that I've ever seen in my existence. David Tyree's catch is the equivalent of Endy Chavez's catch against the Cards... a highlight reel for the ages!! Also, the contributions by the rookies Kevin Boss and Steve Smith {who was huge} was just tremondous at the end of the game. Eli Manning is THE TOAST of the town tonight. It is questionable whether he'd go on to have the career that his brother has. {He's certainly on his way now} But this is a moment that is his. No one can take this away from him. Ever.

How about the Manning family winning back to back Super Bowl MVPS. Archie Manning has to be the proudest dad in America.

You didn't think that this article was going to be written without me mentioning the unbelieveable play of this Giant defense tonight, did you? I have to reflect, I remember watching their first preseason game against the Carolina Panthers and seeing so many missed tackles and then the first two games against the Cowboys and Packers. It's like night and day.

Once again, it is proven that DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS. All week, I went to this game with the belief that this team had the better defense at this moment. Tom Brady had all year to throw the football all year long. Tonight, he faced a fearless and ferocious pass rush that rivaled any pass rush in the history of football. Once again, Justin Tuck was going to be the X Factor and he proved it again tonight. What an unreal game he had. Strahan and Umenyoria were tremondous. And this Giant secondary, the weakness of this franchise for as long as I've been alive, played it's ass off tonight. Steve Spagnuolo did one of the all-time great coaching jobs ever. Teams are going to be after him from the jump now. Giants need to keep him any way that they can. This was a team {Pats that had the best offense statistically in the history of football. But repeat it....


Tom Coughlin...What more needs to be said. This was a guy who wasn't supposed to make it through the full season. This was a guy whose seat was hotter than Las Vegas in the summertime. But he managed to maintain his tough-nosed coaching style while allowing himself to be flexible in his approach. He outcoached Bill Belichick tonight. Tom Coughlin is now an icon in this business for the significance of what he has just pulled off tonight. He's here for good now. He has cemented his own legacy and carved a name for himself in the history books.

What a year and what a job by first year GM Jerry Reese, {Boss, Bradshaw, Smith, Ross} But the real praise goes to former GM Ernie Accorsi who believed in Eli when no one else did, who stood by him during thick and thin. With all due respect to Reese who was with Accorsi, this was Ernie's team more than anyone else. He must be one proud man tonight.

This is the greatest win in the history of this great franchise! Nothing left to be said, except that this is such a boost for me personally. I've had it rough the past few years and this is such a sweet thing to experience.

There's nothing else left to be said.

Only a parade to prepare for.

Tuesday will be super indeed.

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