Here is the bottom line...if the Eagles are able to acquire Larry Fitzgerald or Roy Williams, I GUARANTEE the Eagles are going to the Super Bowl. Forget the fact that there are more moves to be made by the Eagles plus the draft, everything being equal, with the defensive additions and signing a big time wide receiver, the Eagles will go to the Super Bowl.

Think about it, how much will their red zone offense improve it they sign one of those two guys? Are you kidding? It will VASTLY IMPROVE! I'm talking the ability to score between 24 and 30 points a game. I'm talking conservatively 12 wins and probably 13 or 14.

So how much do you give up? Lito and the number one pick? NO PROBLEM.

Hey, I'm trying to win THIS YEAR. I get tired of the Eagles playing and planning for the future. At some point YOU GOTTA GAMBLE!! YOU GOTTA GO FOR BROKE AND TAKE A RISK.

Yeah, I think either one of those two guys put us over the top and make us a CHAMPIONSHIP CONTENDER! So if I'm GM, I do the deal. I DEMAND ONE OF THOSE TWO GUYS ON MY ROSTER DAMMIT!! E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!

This is also posted on my regular blog at [1] Check it out!


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