Template:Lockerroom Top My name is Angelo, I've been a huge Yankees fan ever since I was four years old, which is when I attended my very first game.  I'm now 52 years old, and even more fanatical than I was when I was younger.

I just returned from Bike Week in Daytona, Florida where I showed off my pride and joy, a 2006 Harley Davidson, Street Glide, with the most impressive NEW YORK YANKEES Theme paint job and body modifications.  I've been attending bike shows all over the United States for over 30 years, and never have I seen anything get the attention and appreciation that this bike did.

I feel 100% confident that the Yankee organization would love to have this bike at opening day of our new stadium.  The bike is a tribute to the old stadium and features over 120 names of Yankee greats from 1923 to 2008, a picture of the stadium and it show cases my favorite player of all time...THURMAN MUNSON

Anyone have any ideas how I could get pictures to the Yankees???

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