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How Can You Not Love Joe Smith?!

[1] I am absolutely in LOVE with Joe Smith and I loved reading this:

"Joe Smith ought to have his own blog. As he signed baseball cards fans had mailed to him with a stamped, return envelope, Smith told the story of how as a fifth-grader he mailed Michael Jordan a card and never heard back.

He also mentioned how last year he was so eager to meet ex-Cub Mark Grace, but the Diamondbacks announcer never came to the Mets’ clubhouse to meet him even after Ed Coleman mentioned it to Grace.

“He didn’t even come down and say hi,” Smith said, in playful disgust.

Added Smith: “Don’t make Mark Grace sound like a bad guy. He’s my favorite Cub.”

Smith received a copy of the 2K8 baseball video game, which coverboy Jose Reyes provided from his personal stash. The reliever was searching for an Xbox, which he claimed was to find out if Johan Santana had been included on the Mets. Teammates knew the real reason: Smith wanted to find out if he was included in the game."

From Adam Rubin's Surfing the Mets

He is so CUTE! I love his sense of humor and I love everything about him. He was also really really nice at Spring Training and signed SO much stuff. He also played around with the fans while he was waiting to take batting practice in the outdoor cages.

Let's Go Mets!

Post from Mr Met Is My Brother (my blog)!

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