According to reports, the Houston Rockets have agreed to a deal that would net them Ron Artest.

In exchange, the Sacramento Kings get a huge boost in their rebuilding process. Bobby Jackson returns to the Kings, along with Donte Greene and Houston's 2009 first round pick. As far as deals for Artest go, the Kings got exactly what they were looking for.

Donte Greene provides a valuable shooter and scorer that the Kings desperately need. With the inconsistent play of Quincy Douby, pairing Greene and Kevin Martin is a smart move. The duo could become one of the most dynamic in a few years.

The Kings in getting a second first round pick for next year's draft could end up with two picks in the lottery. That could put the Kings on their way to becoming the next Portland Trailblazers.

The Rockets get a talented player in Artest but gave up a lot for him. The Rockets weren't a deep team before the trade. Artest gives them another defensive stopper to go with Shane Battier. Artest will start at PF.

It remains to be seen how effective Artest will play for Head Coach Rick Adelman. Based on last season the Rockets needed more offense. They had enough defense.

If Artest can give them both, the deal could make the Rockets a contender if Yao and McGrady stay healthy. If one of the two get hurt, the Rockets will miss the young talent they gave up in the deal for a long time.

Because of the collective bargaining agreement, rookeis who sign their contract can't be traded within the first 30 days of signing, so this deal can't be made official until August 14th if Donte Greene remains in the deal.

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