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Home Runs of April 11, 2008

Batter Team (B) Inning Pitcher Team (P) # on base Outs
Derrek Lee (4) Cubs 1st Brett Myers (3) Phillies 0 2
Aramis Ramirez (3) Cubs 1st Brett Myers (4) Phillies 0 2
Alfonso Soriano (2) Cubs 6th Brett Myers (5) Phillies 0 0
Pat Burrell (4) Phillies 4th Carlos Zambrano (2) Cubs 1 1
Jason Bay (2) Pirates 6th Jared Burton (2) Reds 0 2
Jason Giambi (1) Yankees 7th Mike Timlin (1) Red Sox 0 0
J.D. Drew (3) Red Sox 5th Chien-Ming Wang (1) Yankees 0 2
Jhonny Peralta (3) Indians 2nd Joe Blanton (1) Athletics 0 1
Carlos Pena (4) Rays 1st Jeremy Guthrie (3) Orioles 1 1
Carlos Pena (5) Rays 7th Jamie Walker (1) Orioles 2 1
Yunel Escobar (2) Braves 6th Matt Chico (2) Nationals 0 2
Jeremy Hermida (1) Marlins 1st Roy Oswalt (2) Astros 1 2
Jorge Cantu (2) Marlins 3rd Roy Oswalt (3) Astros 1 2
Mike Rabelo (1) Marlins 4th Roy Oswalt (4) Astros 0 0
Hanley Ramirez (3) Marlins 4th Roy Oswalt (5) Astros 1 1
Jeremy Hermida (2) Marlins 9th Oscar Villarreal (3) Astros 0 0
Mike Jacobs (5) Marlins 9th Oscar Villarreal (4) Astros 0 0
Lance Berkman (3) Astros 5th Ricky Nolasco (1) Marlins 0 1
Geoff Blum (2) Astros 5th Ricky Nolasco (2) Marlins 1 2
Hank Blalock (1) Rangers 2nd Jesse Litsch (1) Blue Jays 0 1
Josh Hamilton (2) Rangers 7th Brian Wolfe (1) Blue Jays 1 1
Justin Morneau (3) Twins 3rd Gil Meche (3) Royals 0 0
Eric Byrnes (2) Diamondbacks 3rd Jeff Francis (4) Rockies 1 0
Orlando Hudson (2) Diamondbacks 5th Jeff Francis (5) Rockies 1 2
B.J. Upton (4) Diamondbacks 6th Jeff Francis (6) Rockies 1 0
Albert Pujols (3) Cardinals 5th Barry Zito (4) Giants 2 2
Ryan Ludwick (1) Cardinals 9th Erick Threets (1) Giants 0 1
Jeff Mathis (1) Angels 3rd Felix Hernandez (1) Mariners 0 0
Gary Matthews Jr. (2) Angels 6th Felix Hernandez (2) Mariners 0 0
Raul Ibanez (3) Mariners 1st Jered Weaver (1) Angels 0 2
Raul Ibanez (4) Mariners 4th Jered Weaver (2) Angels 0 1
James Loney (2) Dodgers 6th Jake Peavy (1) Padres 0 1


2 players, Carlos Pena (Tampa Bay Rays) and Mike Jacobs (Florida Marlins) hit their 5th home runs yesterday, tying Mark Reynolds (Arizona Diamondbacks) for the lead in category of "Home Runs Hit". 8 players have 4 home runs (6 from the NL and 2 from the AL).

Are you tired of seeing Cincinnati Reds' Bronson Arroyo (5) in these lockerroom posts everyday. Well, it definitely was time for a change. Thanks to the Arizona Diamondbacks, Jeff Francis surrendered 3 homers yesterday, adding to a total of 6. Along with Arroyo, Brett Myers and Roy Oswalt have been added to the list now as the pitchers who have now surrendered 5 home runs; Myers and Oswalt both surrendered 3 home runs against the Cubs and the Marlins, respectively.

Please remember that I'm still keeping track of the "Homer of the Day", and I'd really appreciate it if you guys would vote for these upcoming ones as we progress through this wonderful season.

There were a lot more home runs hit yesterday, which means there's a wider variety of choices to choose from now. 32 home runs were hit by 17 different teams. You decide what the homer of the day is.

Homer of the Day (April 10, 2008)

And the Homer of the Day of April 10, 2008, and also the first winner of the "Homer of the Day" is...

1207997938 Ph 429667-1-

Ryan Howard! (6 votes)

It was the top of the 8th inning, and the score was 3-1. Ryan Howard came up against New York Mets' reliever, Aaron Heilman. The count was 1-1 with 0 outs, and Heilman tossed Howard a fat 90 mile per hour fastball right over the plate. BIG MISTAKE, as Howard showed him that you do not throw him such a juicy pitch, hitting a monster blast over the center field wall. The Phillies ended up rallying, and tied the game at 3 apiece. Unfortunately (for the Phillies), they lost on an Angel Pagan single, scoring Jose Reyes on a close play.

Others who received votes:

Geovany Soto of the Chicago Cubs (3)
Mike Fontenot of the Chicago Cubs (1)
Magglio Ordonez of the Detroit Tigers (1)
Jay Payton of the Baltimore Orioles (1)
Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees (1)

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