I got home from work a little late and turned on the Celtics/Lakers game. Two minutes to go in the first quarter and already we were down 27-9. “Damn,” I whispered to myself, and I flipped over to ESPN to see what else was on, I flipped between ESPN and the game for a while and once the Celts were down by 24 points to the powerful Lakers I figured the game was over before the half. But it is the finals, and anything can happen. When I flipped back to the game to check the score around 11 PM, the score was tied at 75, “DAMN” I said out loud to myself. This must have been a great comeback. And then the Celtics closed out the game and took the game 4 win to go up in the series 3 games to 1.

Once again the Celtics owned the third quarter and the little boy who snuck in to the Lakers games, proved yet again that he is a Celtic. The green took the win 97-91, making a huge comeback.

The Celtics held the MVP to just 17 points and Paul Pierce dumped 20 points in a total team effort, to take a strangle hold on the series. The Lakers now must win game five in order to send the series back to Boston, and I am sure that if they do pull out the game five win, they will dread heading back to the Garden.

Boston may have been down by 18 at the half but they did not allow Kobe Bryant to score a point in the first half. And how much of a team effort was the Boston win? How about this: Paul Pierce had 20 points, Ray Allen had 19 points, Kevin Garnett had 16 points, James Posey had 18 points, and Eddie House knocked down 11 points.

I have yet to decide if this comeback was the Celtics being the powerhouse they can be, or if it was the Lakers choking, what do you guys think?

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