Okay so this is not important but it involves one of the most famous wrestling icons so I thought it could fit into this place. Hogans son Nick, is facing 8 months in jail following an incident of rash driving which has left his friend in critical condition. He was placed in a confinement cell but now has been moved to a communal cell. Its been a torrid year for the Hulkster which also saw him separate with his wife of 23 years, Linda Bollea. To make matters worse, she has no taken him to court regarding the purchase of a condo. She has alleged that he has not paid his share of the 4.2 million dollar condo and wants him to spend time in Pinellas County. It is the same place where their son is doing time. In a recent interview with Larry King, Hogan broke down and said that jailed son, Nick, is in the hands of God. Reports claim that is wife Linda is dating a 19 year old and Hogan a 34 year old. What Craziness. Sympathy to Hogan? Some might say agree.

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