From: The Sports Point

Two Senators from South Carolina have proposed a bill that would allow instant replay to be used during high school football and basketball playoff games. This comes on the heels of a state championship basketball game that had a potential game-winning shot waved off because the referees thought time had expired first.

The two lawmakers that have sponsored the bill are both representatives of Spartanburg, which is also the location of the school that lost the game. This seems to be a case of sour grapes, but replay could be a positive step for high school athletics, if utilized correctly. Instant replay has been extremely beneficial to the college and professional levels, but high schools currently don't allow referees to look at any replays to rule on a play.

Another Representative said that he might back it if it's only allowed for championship games, which seems to be the most realistic chance at passing. I doubt most people would appreciate games at the high school level slowing down, so it would be unlikely that replay would be adopted on a wider scale. Plus, there are just so many levels of high schools and most couldn't - or wouldn't - budget for the equipment.

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