An unsigned contract sits on Atlanta Hawks coach Mike Woodson's desk. It waits only one thing: his signature. According to two people familiar with the situation and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, it's a done deal. But as Lee Corso says, "NOT SO FAST, MY FRIEND!"  The deak has not been done. Yet.

New Hawks GM Rick Sund wants to reward Woodson after his current deal expires June 30th and his entire coaching staff. After two weeks of evaluations, Sund has decided that "if it ain't broke, don't fix it," sticking with Woodson by offering him the new deal.

All it needs from you, Mike, is to pick up the pen and sign. Granted, it was a strange situation in that the Hawks were the last team to make it into the playoffs, knocking Golden State out of contention and then taking Boston to seven games in the first round of this year's playoffs before losing to the Celtics.

All you need to do, Mike, is sign on the dotted line. It's so easy. You've done some good work for the team.Pick up the pen. Sign. They'll show you the money.

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