Now that the New Orleans Saints have broken the so-called "43 year voodoo Queen of New Orleans curse" by winning the Super Bowl this past Sunday, you might ask, "Will the Cubs be the next team to break the Goat curse?" Well keep the faith because your day will come and the Cubs will be the champions of baseball. The Boston Red Sox, won the World Series twice, and then the White Sox broke the curse that was on them, if there was one. If a team thinks that they are cursed than that will follow them, I don't believe in them. I guess they make good stories in books and in news papers. That's about all. It takes the right coaching staff and the key players and that is what wins Championships. Now for the Detroit Lions fans, which I believe is the only NFC team to not make it to the Super Bowl, that I know of  that have not made it to the Super Bowl, the key is the right players for it to fall in place. Hey if the Saints can do it, other teams can too. Keep the Faith.

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