Experience is everything, and that couldn't be more true than in the playoffs. Veterans are counted on in big situations, because they've been there, and there's a certain confidence that goes along with that. As the trade deadline approaches, teams are scurrying to get the most talented veterans who can give them the biggest boost of momentum to propel them to a ring. This year is no different, as you saw with Matt Holliday heading to the Cardinals. Matt Holliday is a proven clutch player, helping Colorado reach their first World Series berth.

To date, Roy Halladay is still a Toronto Blue Jay, though conversations seem to be warming up now. The Angels have even entered the bidding, joining the Dodgers and the Phillies, who turned down Toronto's offer yesterday. The 32-year old right hander has become the hottest name on the market, a pitcher who's said to be the missing piece. If it's one of these three teams, he will certainly have a chance to make an effect in the playoffs, somewhere he's never been in his 11-year career. Lucky for him, he may be getting his shot, if a deal goes through, at grabbing that elusive ring..

Halladay deserves to win, no doubt. As a member of the Blue Jays, it's not his fault that they haven't been very successful lately, being in the same division as the Yankees and Red Sox, and the newly respectable Rays. Halladay has done his part, and even won himself a Cy Young in 2003. He has electric stuff, including a two-seam fastball that fools every hitter time after time. If he were put alongside another ace of a staff, say a Cole Hamels, that's a deadly combo to meet in a 7-game series. He's the leading Cy Young candidate right now, in my opinion, but he needs to stop playing for bad teams if he wants to be considered an all-time pitcher.

We all know Halladay is a great regular season pitcher... But how will he be in the playoffs? Is he the missing piece?

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