I have to work for a living so I couldn't listen to todays hearing.I did however

listen during my lunch hour and that's all I needed.Clemens & McNamee are

both liars.Throw them both in jail and let's move on.Clemen's is throwing his lovely

wife under the bus.McNamee is throwing everyone under the bus.One Senator actually

told McNamee that almost everything he said was a lie.Then another Senator made

Clemens look stupid when he said He didn't know his wife was being shot up by McNamee.

I've been giving Clemens the benefit of innocent until proven guilty.He's guilty, and should be

punished accordingly.He can't be recognized as the best pitcher in baseball anymore.No more

than Bonds can be considered the best hitter.They both had help getting to where they are.Anyone

with an ounce of brains and a regular sized head can figure that out.


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