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Article:Greg Oden backs Obama; surprised Hillary does not concede immediately

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Greg Oden isn't doing much in the way of basketball these days, but he sure is blogging up a storm, and Tuesday he wrote that Barack Obama will be getting his vote come November.

> "We are all citizens of this great country and I know I'm putting in my one vote. I know it's just one small vote, but it's big to me. If the person I vote for wins it's gonna be because of my one little vote, at least that's what I'm gonna think. I think everyone should think that way."

So long, Hillary. Now that Oden is on the campaign trail for Obama, you're toast! Think of all the money, the influence, and time -- oh, the glorious hours and days of free time -- Gregory has at his disposal. Now that Oden is a man with a purpose, all that's left for Obama is to choose a Vice President.

Perhaps he should start his search in Portland?

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