From All on the Field sports blog: The Australian Open needs a new working tagline, and I'm suggesting "It's all fun and games until someone gets pepper sprayed."

For the second straight year at the tennis tournament Down Under, police have had to eject unruly fans. Last year it was Serbian and Croatian fans going at it with sticks and flag poles.

This year was a seemingly more tame event, with a few Greeks and Chileans mixing things up. Three fans were pepper sprayed and five were ejected. The video, if you care to watch (which you should, if only for the Australian accents), is here.

I understand the bad blood between Serbs and Croats; it's not so long ago that the two countries were at war. I kind of see those two countries like the Bloods the the Crips, or the Sharks and the Jets on the international scene.

But the Greeks and the Chileans? Either that Australian sun is shining too hot (it's summer down there), or the beer is flowing like wine at the Open. From the looks of things, maybe both.

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