Many many moons ago, when I was in college for the first time, it was in southern Illinois.  We used to watch St. Louis Cardinal football games because they were fun.  They were the kind of team that would throw hail marys and triple reverses and get in shootout after shootout, hoping their defense could slow the other team down enough to keep them in the game.  Some of their best players were the quarterback, Jim Hart, a running back named Terry Metcalf and a tiny receiver named Mel Gray.  The offensive line was named Dobler, Dierdorff, Banks, and Young and were routinely accused of biting, holding, spitting and even worse tactics to protect their quarteback and open holes.

The players on that team left, Dan Dierdorff went on to a successful broadcast career.  Eventually the Cardinals went to the Phoenix Arizona area and god-knows-why kept the cardinal's name even though you can't find one within a thousand miles of there.  For about a decade they became an automatic "W" on the calendars of the Giants, the Fleagles, and the Cowboys.  Realignment of the league eventually put them in a more logical division, with San Francisco and Seattle, yet it also made for a weird home game of the Cardinals at the St. Louis Rams.  If you took a DeLorean to a Rams-Cardinals game in St. Louis, could you go back to 1985 without even driving at 88 miles per hour?

Yesterdays divisional playoff with the rested Carolina Panthers seemed like a blowout in the making.  Yes, the Cardinals had beaten Atlanta the week before, but the Atlanta quarterback is a baby.  Wasn't this the same Cardinals team that lost 45-7 in Foxborough just a few short weeks before?  The one that can't win in the eastern time zone?  For all you loyal Cardinals rooters who showed up at the rickety old place in Tempe when the team slogged along to double digit loss season after double digit loss season, THIS ONE'S FOR YOU!

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