As a long time Penn State fan and strong Morelli supporter (for a while anyway) I just have to say, CYA!  I am personally glad he is graduating.  I am tired of the bullet short passes, the long lobs and ducks, the avoiding the media, and the poor poor decision making.  Even in last nights game against Texas A&M he led numerous receivers right into defenders.  Sorry Anthony but it is finally time for you to go.

I supported Morelli up until about the mid point of this season.  I defended him to other fans all offseason, saying that he was going to get better and that he had only played one year.  But he didn't get better, in my opinion, he actually got worse.  No maybe that isn't all his fault.  Penn State has never been great at developing QBs.  The only one to ever come out and achieve any real success was Kerry Collins and even that is not that good.  Morelli had all the physical tools but just couldn't seem to figure out what to do with the ball and when to do it.  He routinely missed open guys and usually waited a second or two too long to let go of the ball.  Like I said, maybe it isn't his fault, but some blame has to go on the quarterback doesn't it? 

I think he could be a serviceable pro.  He obviously has the arm but he needs serious coaching.  He had a good career, he is the only Penn State QB to ever throw for over 2,000 yards in consecutive seasons, congratulations Anthony!  But he was horrible in big games and road games. 

I for one am looking forward to next year and Daryl Clark playing QB.  He may not be the passer Morelli was but that might be a good thing.  It will be like having M-Rob in the backfield again, although not quite as dynamic.  And for anyone who thinks Pat Devlin will be the starter next year let me remind you of one thing, Paterno is still there.  If there is a talented senior QB on the roster (Clark) he will surely play over a sophomore.  And I think he should.

Good Luck Anthony Morelli and good Riddance

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