Bob Knight left when he wanted to this time. Almost a decade after he was fired by Indiana, the school he led to three national championships, Knight walked away Monday from college basketball in midseason.

The Texas Tech coach, known as much for his brilliance as his fiery temper, abruptly resigned and handed over the team to his son Pat Knight. According to Bob’s family and friends he is just tired and worn out. He said that his heart is not in it anymore. This came to me as a shock when I heard about it on sportscenter last night. I could not believe that he stepped down as their coach, but you know what I respect that. Why should he stick around and just coast through the rest of the season if he does not want to be there any longer? He would just be hurting the program and his players.

I also think that it is a very good move that will help his son in the long run at Texas Tech. Now Pat will get at least 10 games under his belt, actually running the team the way he wants to. This will better prepare him for next season. Knight left during his 42nd year as a head coach with more wins than any Division I men’s coach. He started his coaching career at Army by becoming the youngest head coach in Division 1 history at the age of 24 but really made his mark at Indiana where he coached for 29 years.

Here are a few of Knight's NCAA numbers that show what a great coach he really was for more then 4 decades…

  • he coached in 1273 games,
  • he had 29 20-win seasons,
  • he had 4 30-win seasons,
  • 28 NCAA Tourney bids,
  • 3 NCAA National Championships,
  • 1 NIT Championship,
  • 1 Olympic Gold Medal,
  • a total of 36 NBA players and 15 first rounders.

But I think the one coaching stat that is his best is that he was the last coach to have a perfect season…I think that it was it 1974 or 75. But I believe that we will not see that for a very long time in college basketball. Unless Memphis does it this year…NOT!! So, here’s to you Bob Knight…excellent career and have fun hunting and fishing

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