Yesterday, I told you about Tripp Isenhour and the incident he had on a golf course while taping a telveision show in December. In an interview on the Golf Channel at the PODS Championship. the former Georgia Tech linkster says that he was trying to shoo the bird away. 

According to Isenhour, he said the bird that was killed was in a tree, minding its business, when you whacked it faster than Big Pussy on the Sopranos. Now you've been charged with animal cruelty, as well as the killing of a migratory bird, which is a threatened species. I am not buying that argument that you were trying to shoo it away. If it were me, I would have left the animal alone. Plain and simple.

Now you not only have the wrath of the Humane Society of the United States but you also have the wrath of PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem.  You can also kiss your playing priviliges at Grand Cypress Resort in Orlando goodbye. You call it an unfortunate accident. Please! The Hindenburg was an accident. Enjoy the 14 months in jail you'll be spending if you're convicted and I hope to heaven you get a jury full of golfers and animal lovers.

And a jail cell next to Micheal Vick.


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