Yes, this is another Barry Bonds story, so deal with it!

The slugger's former team, the San Francisco Giants annouced today that they want no part of their former left fielder and in fact have now removed prominent tributes in the stadium to the slugger, who has steroid allegations and perjury charges hanging over his head. Saying that the team president Peter Magowan made his point clear, he said they would not accept Bonds back, "even at a reduced price." Given the fact that he still has to stand trial for perjury in 2009, this may have been the best move the team has made in its 50 years on the Pacific Coast.

The only tribute to Bonds? A plaque where his last homer landed, according to a team spokeswoman. Sort of sounds like the old Soviet Union, where if a person of prominence is sent to Siberia, the memory of that person is erased.

Everyone knows my dislike for Bonds. There are some that agree with me and some will even go so far to say I am being hasty. But given what has been seen and said in the past two months or so, this is the first step. Bonds may or may not hook up with a team this season. What the Giants did was nothing short of courageous. It's sort of like kicking the cheating husband out of the house.

At the same time, he is entitled to due process in a court of law. Will history be kind to the Giants for this move? Probably. Will history be kind to Barry Bonds and the others listed in the Mitchell Report? Only if they are truthful.

Rather than screaming "Out, out, damned spot!, as Lady McBeth did," the San Francisco Giants did something about the spot. They took the high road. They got rid of the spot.

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