It didn't take any talent on my part, but I've watched every Super Bowl ever played. I've seen all the hype and all the predictions. I've never seen a team get less respect than this year's Giants. I swear, if they win the Super Bowl, they will be picked to lose the next week. The last time a team was even close to being disrespected this much was the '69 Jets. I remember the Raiders and the Chiefs getting very little respect, but after all they were playing the National Football League Champion Packers. You know Lombardi and the boys. The field goal that won the NFC for the G-Men had hardly hit the ground when they were made a 14 point underdog. I hope it's a good game because after watching all of them, I think about 5 of them were. No offense Patriots fans, but I hope the Giants prove the so callled experts wrong again. Even if they don't let me be the first to say, the Giants are one damn good football team.

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