You truly had to see it to believe it. The Giants are the NFL Champions. It was earned, every bit of it deserved. They were the superior team.

Going into this Championship game there was no doubt in my mind. The New England Patriots were going to win their fourth SuperBowl in seven years. I even predicted the score. I thought the Patriots were head and shoulders above the rest. So, in a move of brashness chose 41-17 as the final score. The Patriots would go down in history as a perfect team. A perfect 19-0. “The Perfect Season”.

The New York Giants had a different storybook ending. They would get into the seasons playoffs as a fifth seed and then proceed to win every game to the ultimate goal of a Championship. First it was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Giants would win in an upset that not too many were surprised with. After all, this was the NFC, a weak conference.

Next up the more than favourite Dallas Cowboys fell and people were stunned. So many thought that Dallas would be in the finals. Cinderella was now dusting off her glass slippers.

There was no reason to believe the Giants could down the mighty Green Bay Packers. Not with a rejuvenated Brett Favre looking at his place in the annals of history. Certainly these odds were too high. The luck would run out. They would show up and say, "We’re not good enough".

The Giants bucked the prevailing wisdom and won again.

This was unbelievable. The Giants were going to the SuperBowl. They had reached the summit. Perhaps they would falter now. After all they had made it to the Promised Land. They would feast on milk and honey. Better still, life is grand in this stratosphere. The work is done.

"Not yet, they proclaim! We haven’t reached our goal. There is more work that has to be done. We want more than the summit. We want it all."

This is unparalleled thinking. They were well beyond their reach. Didn’t they know this?

“Of course not!”, they would exclaim! “We are men of destiny, don’t stand in our way.”

And they were right. They had all the tools. They were focused on their ultimate goal and no one would stand in their way.

The mighty Patriots were doomed and they didn’t know it. They, along with their fans expected success. This was not to be, however. They were done. When they looked up it was 17-14, with no downs left and no time for a miracle. They could manage 14 points in all their effort. Surely we were better than this?

A loud roar awakened them to the nightmare. The Giants are SuperBowl Champs. Their destiny fulfilled. Their place in history solidified. No one can take this away. No one.

Perfection denied!


New York Giants

Eli Manning - 19 of 34 for 255 yards
Ahmad Bradshaw - 9 carries for 45 yards
Brandon Jacobs - 14 carries for 42 yards
Amani Toomer - 6 receptions for 84 yards
Steve Smith - 5 receptions for 50 yards
Team Defense - 5 Sacks, 1 fumble recovered

New England Patriots

Tom Brady - 29 of 48 for 266 yards
Laurence Maroney - 14 carries for 36 yards
Wes Welker - 11 receptions for 103 yards
Randy Moss - 5 receptions for 62 yards
Kevin Faulk - 7 Receptions for 52 yards
Team Defense - 3 Sacks, 1 interception

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