Another sad chapter of Georgia Men's basketball may be coming to an end. In my mind, this was the worst UGA team ever fielded by Dennis Felton. The Dogs have not had a winning season of .500 or better since the 2003-04 season, where they got to the second round of the SEC Tournament, losing to Kentucky 69-60 and then falling to Iowa State 82-74 in the NIT.

Face it. Felton's not your man, Dog fans. You should have kept Tubby from going off to your in-conference rival Kentucky and then going on to the Big 10 and Minnesota. You haven't been the same team since a fellow named Wilkins came along. Even the football, women's basketball and gymnastics teams are doing better than you. Yes, you survived not going to the 2003 SEC Tournament after that cheating fiasco but you haven't recovered and the fans are getting anxious if not grumpy.

Time to decide, Junkyard Dawgs. Do you want to win or spin your wheels? Time to show Fenton the door, vote him off the Dawg Island, anything. He's dead weight and has all the charm and charisma of a ham sandwich. You can either continue to play like Junkyard Puppies or Junkyard Dawgs.

It's up to y'all!  

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