With the success of the comeback of the headlines involving unfortunate names, we're going to continue this series for a 3rd part. Today is a bit of potpourri as I'm picking names from several sports.

Albert Pujols

  • Lidge downplays Pujols' blast as start of woes.
  • Pujols leaves Wellemeyer.
  • Pujols injury could be fantasy nightmare.
  • Pujols, Ankiel, now seasoned veterans.
  • Pujols to host hitting clinic on Saturday.

Tyson Gay (Track and Field)

  • Sprinter Gay vows to never test positive.
  • US 100m champ Gay eyes Beijing triple.
  • "I felt him (Gay) coming on my shoulder and that's when I panicked." (Okay, not a headline, but this was a quote from Asafa Powell)

D'Cody Fagg

  • Fagg injured at NFL combine.
  • Fagg carted off.

Bobby Cox

  • Can't imagine Braves without Cox.
  • Cox admired by those near and afar.
  • Slimmer Bennett surprises Cox.
  • Cox greets 27th season, and maybe more beyond.
  • With Cox absent, "the speech" missed.
  • Don't get too excited "Cox-haters".

Danny Tickle (Rugby)

  • Tickle inspires dramatic Hull fightback to leave Wigan shattered.
  • Tickle turns the tables on Wigan.
  • Tickle, Danny

Other funny names without headlines:

Are there any other players of note (as in still playing sports actively) that I can find so we continue this headline fun?

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