I know Pean did like two articles using Sportsline headlines of players like Chien Ming Wang, Randy Johnson, Bartolo Colon, etc. Well I've decided to bring that back using mostly ESPN headlines and newspaper sites since Sportsline won't update crap until baseball season starts.

Chien-Ming Wang

  • Wang torched
  • Yanks win arbitration case with Wang.
  • Pettitite, Wang otherwise occupied as Yankees report.
  • Wang showdown looms.
  • Wang won't get long term deal.
  • Jeter, Wang talk.

Randy "Big Unit" Johnson

  • Back lands Big Unit on DL.
  • How will Johnson perform?
  • Mailbag: Where to slot Big Unit?
  • Predicting Cy success for Hudson, Big Unit

Bartolo Colon

  • Royals to get a taste of Angels' Colon.
  • Indians losing interest in Colon.
  • Colon encouraged by rehab, nears return to Halos.
  • Angels deactivate Colon from DL, to start against M's.

R.A. Dickey

  • Dickey conducts clinic.
  • Dickey activated; Allen promoted.

Rusty Kuntz

That was the only notable headline I could find.

Bonus! Bobby Cox

  • Cox no doubt the best in the biz.
  • Hot stove fires up with Cox.
  • Braves extend Manager Cox.
  • Bonds blasts 759, Cox tossed again.

Hopefully when baseball season starts, I'll have more ammunition for these headlines.

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