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Want to impress the ladies at your Super Bowl party? Need to demonstrate to the guys that you know your football better than they do? Or are you just a giant nerd?

Well, do I have something for you -- a fact about each of the New York Giants starters (and Jeremy Shockey). Enjoy!



  • Eli Manning's real name is Elisha. So is his father's.
  • Brandon Jacobs pretended to do a Lambeau Leap after scoring a touchdown last week.
  • Madison Hedgecock is the Giants fullback (Really.) His middle name is.... Smith. (Really.)
  • Plaxico Burress, as far as we can tell, is the only athlete with the first name Plaxico.
  • Amani Toomer did not win his junior high schools decathalon, even though he was the favorite going in. Some dude named Kwame Jeffers won.
  • Kevin Boss has 514 facebook friends.
  • While not a starter now, injured TE Jeremy Shockey's arm tattoo took 21 hours over four weeks to create.
  • David Diehl, on Sunday Night Football, introduces himself as from the "University of Chief Illiniwek".
  • Kareem McKenzie His last name, ignoring any bonuses for, say, triple word or double letter scores, or for being 7+ letters, is worth 25 points, leading the starters.
  • Shaun O'Hara, as part of his community activities, has donated over 35,000 pounds of chicken to NY/NJ organizations.
  • Chris Snee is the father of coach Tom Coughlin's grandson, but at the time was not married to the coach's daughter, Katie.
  • Rich Seubert, in 2003, had his leg snapped by N.D. Kalu; the bone broke through the skin. He now has a titanium rod in his leg.

Special Teams


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