[1] Here we are with Memorial Day only a few days away and yet still football grabs the headlines at least a few times a week. It never ceases to amaze me just how popular the great game is and always makes me wonder why they don’t seriously look into a developmental league as discussed in this article in the NY Times.

Look at the interest even the idea of another level of football started to get and only imagine if it were affiliated with the NFL.

Here are just some thoughts on the hot issues currently going on in football and the world around it.

Taylor Saga

It seems like the Jason Taylor saga in Miami isn’t going to end anytime soon but I was wondering if a trade to a team that could use a player, who is going to create positive PR for them instead of negative, (say Atlanta or even better Cincinnati) would make sense. Seriously if I were the Bengals I would make a call to Big Bill just to see how steep a price it would be to bring in the former University of Akron star and Pittsburgh native to the Bengals. It would finally be a player for the Bengals who will generate good media attention instead and the leader the team desperately needs to straighten out the lockeroom.

What to do with Tampa’s QBs You think Denver would be interested in one of the dozen QBs under contract in Tampa Bay just in case Jay Cutler struggles to deal with his diabetes or maybe they trust Patrick Ramsey a little more than the rest of the NFL. I think a guy like Bruce Gradkowski would make a lot of sense.

Owners Opt Out

It amazed me that the idea that a potential lockout in 2011 was such big news. Something tells me that they will have a new deal in place well before the 2011 season is a serious thought to NFL fans. Expect to see the rookie salaries and a 17th game be two issues that get addressed in the new contract.

Kudos to Jerry Credit has to be given to the Cowboys especially Jerry Jones (since the national media seems blames him for everything that goes wrong in Big D might as well give him a little credit) for locking up Terrence Newman and Marion Barber to long term deals. Whenever Pacman joins the team, he and Newman could be a special tandem in the defensive backfield.

Eagles Clean House?

If reports regarding V.P. of player personal, Jason Licht, dismissal in Philadelphia are true, I look for him to land with one of the NFC East enemies of the Eagles. I think the Giants, Washington or Dallas might be interested in adding a guy with that knowledge of a divisional rival. Recently the Redskins and Cowboys have had some front office openings too so it would be a good bet he lands in one of those spots.

More People Pile on the Pats

I don’t know about the rest of you but I wasn’t surprised to read Ross Tucker’s account on what went on in New England during his time under Belicheater.

Time to Play Matchmaker Below is a list of players either rumored to be traded or still free agents and I decided to match up possibly destination that make sense for both the players and the teams.

Chad Johnson ---If they want to make a real run and get McNabb a ring before they push him out of town, they need to make the move and roll the dice again and add Chad to the team. He’s a clear #1 and makes Kevin Curtis and Reggie Brown that much better just being on the field. The Eagles have the picks (with the Carolina trade) and the window is slowly closing on the McNabb years.

Chris Simms —Simms needs a fresh start and a team that could always use another young arm since they haven’t had a decent QB since Len Dawson retired is the KC Chiefs. No one really believes that Damon Huard or Brodie Croyle is the answer if they are that makes you wonder what the question is. Simms is battled tested and certainly has the skills to compete for a starting role.

Matt Jones ---I have to give credit to my buddy Chuck White for this but once he suggested it I really took to the idea. Matt Jones in Dallas just in case a Glenn doesn’t return and they need that third WR to make a tough catch in traffic. Jones is likely on the bubble in Jacksonville and could be gotten for a mid round 2009 pick. Big, tall, physical receiver that I’m sure boy genius Jason Garrett can find great ways to use him in their schemes.

Daunte Culpepper —is it just me or does he not seem like a great option for the Bears to bring in push Orton and Grossman and likely beat out for the job. He’s got a chip on his shoulder, is familiar with the division opponents and proved he still has a few miles left on the tires after last year in Oakland. Would be a great addition!!

Shaun Alexander ---with Travis Henry always a risk to be suspended for a season after another bad drug test, Alexander makes great sense for Denver. He would give them a great 1-2 tandem if Henry stays clean if not he has certainly shown he can carry the load.

Sinorice Moss —you may say I didn’t hear any rumors about him but I believe he’ll get caught in a numbers game and may need a new start. What about St. Louis? With his speed playing indoors 8 games or more a year he can help fill the void of Isaac Bruce.

Anquan Boldin ----With Arizona locking up Larry Fitzgerald they know they either have to give Boldin a contract to match or watch him walk. The wise thing would be to call a team like the NY Jets to see if they could work out a trade. Maybe a couple of picks (say a 2nd and 3rd) and maybe Brad Smith. Smith has a lot of Antwann Randle El in him and the Cards (with all the former Steelers on staff) could utilize him.

Byron Leftwhich ---Might be a nice insurance policy for Carolina should Jake not stay healthy which then leaves only 2nd year man, Matt Moore, to man the starting position.

Lito Sheppard ---Philly would be wise to make a final decision on Lito before camp gets rolling and something tells me you might get Cleveland to blink and give you a #2 for Lito. He’d be a huge upgrade for the Browns defense and Philly can use the additional pick(s) next year).

Feel free to send me your thoughts on this piece and the current state of the NFL.  



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