OK, it's Friday at 3pm and our show's just getting on the air. Peter Gammons from ESPN will join us at 3:25pm, so that's a don't miss. But since it is a Friday, let's get down to the musings from your sick and fried producer, thanks to the flu going on...

  • - Would your opinion on Roger Clemens be different if he admitted to being injected with B-12 or anything else BEFORE Brian McNamee's claims in the Mitchell Report? Can't wait for the Rocket to answer questions live in that presser Monday after his "60 Minutes" interview that will air on Sunday.
  • - Here's my breakdown for this week-end's NFL Wild Card playoffs:

Saturday: Washington at Seattle - 4:30pm (NBC)

Shaun Alexander and Mo Morris get it going and Seattle's D turns the Redskins over a couple of times to combat the first playoff start for Todd Collins. Seattle 24-21

Saturday: Jacksonville at Pittsburgh - 8pm (NBC)

Too many injuries for the Steel City guys and David Garrard steps up to cinch a match-up with the Pats next Saturday night. Jax 24-20

Sunday: NY Giants at Tampa Bay - 1pm (FOX)

I believe in the Giants after the great effort against the Pats, but for some reason, I see Jeff Garcia getting the job done.  Remeber, he's seen the Giants before when he was with the Eagles. TB 24-17

Sunday: Tennessee at San Diego - 4:30pm (CBS)

Lousy weather for this one in not-so-sunny-Southern California.  That and a banged up Vince  Young leads to a Charger rout. SD 34-10

  • - I haven't been excited about a regular season NBA game in a very long time and yes, I will be watching the Celtics/Pistons (albeit on DVR) Saturday night. C'mon, the NFL's still king baby!
  • - The more I see, the more I like from Tina Cervasio.
  • - Mike Huckabee won the Iowa Caucus Thursday night. Can anyone explain it to the rest of the country how he did it?
  • - After watching an Entourage marathon on New Year's Eve, Jeremy Piven is just pure gold as Ari Gold.
  • - Global warming, huh! 2 degrees on Thursday and 60 by Tuesday. Yeah, something's messed up I'm sure.
  • - Do you think Barry Bonds has sent Roger Clemens a big thank you card yet?


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