Friday Night at the Bradley Center

Pitt will play Marquette tonight at 9 on ESPN in what has to be the best college hoops game on a Friday night in quite a while. I have no idea why they're playing today but it is an extremely important game.

Pitt hasn't won at MU since they joined the conference, and have struggled against the Eagles overall. You could call it a rivalry...the teams always battle hard and the games are always close/intense, but the teams haven't exactly been going at it for too long.

Marquette will honor its Final Four team from a few years ago (the one with D-Wade that beat Pitt in the Sweet 16 round) tonight. Pitt will likely see Levance Fields take the court (who knows how much) for the first time since Dayton.

No. 24 vs. No. 25 doesn't quite tell you the importance of this one. These teams are jockeying for position atop the Big East, and Pitt is heading into a very difficult stretch. Fields coming back is obviously huge, and like I said, it's (kind of) a rivalry.

Expect a great game but Pitt will have a tough time coming away with any kind of win.

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