If any of you watch and follow the NHL you should know that really anything north of Nashville with some exceptions those people are the only ones who really care, yeah the fan base in Dallas, San Jose, and sometimes Anaheim is quite good. I look at cities like... Chicago an original six franchise, New Jersey 3x Stanley Cup champs just got a new building and there having trouble putting butts in the seats and of course Miami and Phoenix.

I look at the past few Stanley Cup champs; 02/03 New Jersey, 03/04 Tampa Bay, 05/06 Carolina, 06/07 Anaheim all four of those teams with sometimes again like Anaheim are all having trouble selling tickets, and they have our cup but again they have pretty good rosters, i just don't like seeing the Stanley Cup in places where some don't even know they had a team in there particular city.

This brings me to a solution; Mr. Bettman wants to keep reaching out to markets where they could care less about hockey that and he wants to reach out too the US market. Currently there are 30 teams in the NHL i say go for Kansas City or Houston but also bring a team to my original place of birth, Winnipeg Manitoba; you may remember they had a team but they moved to another non caring market Phoenix. They have an arena there called the  MTS Centre seats 15,000  which would make it the smallest arena in the NHL...... BUT!!  it wouldn't matter if they sold out every game the revenue it would generate would be through the roof.

I guess i guy can dream but this dream could be a reality i know that Winnipeg is a possible place to get a expansion franchise but i wish it would be sooner then later.

- Patrick

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