A look at the sports week's biggest losers…
A public service by guest host Alex Holowczak on behalf of Christof

Welcome to the latest guest edition of the Friday Fryer, where we take a look at who was the sports world's biggest idiot(s) this week.

I volunteered to step into Manny's shoes, who was stepping in for Christof's shoes during his absence. Manny would be here, but I wanted a go. I hope to bring a unique international flavour to the Fryer this week.

Today is also a special day in American Chart History. On April 4th, 1964, The Beatles were not only #1 in the charts, but they were also #2, #3, #4 and #5! They had 12 songs in total in the top 100 (it was 14 the following week)! They had two albums out, and they were #1 and #2 in the chart! I have embedded #1 for sake of musical accompanyment to the article, and as a little guessing game, try to guess the songs that were 2 to 5, and the others that were lower down the chart. That leaves you with 11 songs to guess. Why have I done this? Well, they're English, and so am I!

Dwain Chambers
Chambers really annoys me. He was caught as a drug cheat by the British Olympic Association, and returned after a ban this season. He has qualified for the European Indoor Championships through rules loopholes, and says he is going to the Olympic Games in Beijing, threatening to launch into a length legal battle.

Not content to ruin Atheletics, he turned his attention to American Football! (Dang, I'll have to mention something American!) Turned out he was useless, and so he moved on to Rugby League. It is famed over here for having a zero tolerance attitude to drug testing. But the Castleford Tigers signed him, to help with charity work, and to have a trial as a player. Chambers has the benefits of a top quality training facility.

I believe Chambers should call it quits. He claims to be doing it for the good of Athletics, but he can't see that he's ruining it. By taking the BOA to court, he will be draining money that the BOA could use to benefit every sport sanctioned by the BOA.

Chambers should be banned from any sport for life, and I've been particularly disappointed with everybody's reluctance to tell him to "sod off".

Rob Styles
Styles is a British referee, proclaimed to be one of the better ones at that. He was seen by many to have a chance of refereeing the FA Cup Final this year, which is a very big deal.

And then, this happened.

In my opinion, it is the worst refereeing decision in recent times. The last goal saw McSheffrey run into Sun Jihai, and fall to the floor. As a result, McSheffrey won a penalty! It shouldn't have even been a freekick to Manchester City, let alone a penalty for the other team!

So, for blowing his chance at the FA Cup Final, Rob Styles deserves his nomination.

2008 promises to be an emotional year for Pean. He poured his heart and soul into sharing his memories at his beloved Yankee Stadium, and went for one last time to the old venue in order to liveblog the game. It promised to be a highly exciting day, and one that would be remembered for generations to come for those in attendance.

Pean went to the last ever final day game, battling driving rain to get to the stadium ready for the off. However, there was a delay due to the rain. No problem. But later, as the outfield failed to dry, the game was cancelled, and there was no game on the last ever opening day game at Yankee Stadium.

To further increase his frustration, Pean then watched as a gorgeous spring day shone down on New York.

Pean avoided the Fryer due to not being able to control his fate.

Max Mosley
Max Mosley is President of the FIA, a job that holds great power and responsiblity. He has been hugely controversial in his time. The debacle at the 2005 United States Grand Prix was his fault. No shadow of a doubt in my mind. If he had permitted a chicane to be built, there would have been a race. Sure, F1 would have lost £millions. But the integrity of the sport would have remained.

This week however, Mosley made a complete balls-up. He was rumoured to have slept with five prostitutes, whilst performing a series of acts linked to Nazi Germany.

Mosley has been excellent for the safety of road cars around the world, not only in F1, but in public automobiles. His other contributions have been a lot to be desired, and whilst it seems unlikely that Mosley will be ousted before his probable retirement at the end of the 2009 season, I think he should get the boot a little sooner.

Mosley's act of stupidity was enough to make him do 56 laps around the edge of the fryer, before losing control and crashing into it.

I enjoyed writing this this week, and I think a rotation policy of writing the Fryer is the best way to take this forward (unless Manny wants it back!) until Christof returns. Signup in the comments.

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