While C.C. has got his fortune, and godly contract numbers for a very mortal Mark Teixeira continue to be tossed around. Quietly, without to much notice, this off season is becoming a dream for GM’s. More players are being signed for under market deals daily. Think back to what K-Rod thought he was going to get? Some figure north of 45 million. Well he fell about 10 million short. Now, their still has been some head scratchers (Raul Ibanez anyone). For the most part though, it is bargain basement shopping. Lets take a look at the three best remaining bargain deals.

1. Ben Sheets- Yea he ended the year on the shelf, but his agent claims to have an MRI showing no structural damage to the elbow. Luckily for which ever team signs him (rooting for the Sox here) no one seems to care. Here are the facts, last season Sheets made 31 starts. He also spent most of the year amongst the five best pitchers in the NL. Now coming into the season and given how he pitched the talk was a four yr $60 million dollar deal. Now what you read, it appears two years and $32 million would get it done. Think about that, you get a front line starter on a short term deal at an under market price. The reward just crushes the risk here.

2. Adam Dunn- This might be the shocking one, however I view Dunn a little different. If an American League team signs him, I think they will get getting a great steal, but also maximum value. You see Dunn’s offense is worth about 3 to 3.5 wins above replacement. However his glove is so bad, he give nearly two wins back. If you put him at DH you are getting the safest bet to hit 40 HR and get on base at a great rate out of this entire FA class. You put him in the field however, well you are probably over spending, even if you get him for $12 million per.

3. Jason Giambi- How the Yankees did not work out some sort of one year $8 million dollar extension is beyond me. Giambi started awful, luckily for any team who gets the under valued DH. He got on base at a clip over .380. He slugged over .500 and he hit 32 bombs. You are essentially going to get top tier production from your DH with no long term contract risk, and no huge salary demands. My guess, Oakland for on year $8 million plus incentives. Billy Beane does it again.


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