"What we have here is a failure to communicate," spoken by "The Captain", the imperious prison warden in the movie, "Cool Hand Luke." It appears that Fox wasn't communicating to its viewers of the New York-Boston game this afternoon as with two outs in the top of the ninth, Fox goes to something else (NASCAR) and pulls a move that hasn't been seen since NBC cut away from the New York Jets-Oakland Raiders game in 1968 because the network chose to show at 7 p.m Eastern the movie"Heidi."

What in the hell were they thinking? Or more importantly, were they thinking? Left up to me, I would have overridden that decision and said, " Hell no, we're going to stay with this to the bloody end, we owe it to our viewers. We have committed this air time to this event and will stay the course. NASCAR can wait!"

Granted, there was a rain delay in that game and there were some fans that would have been more than willing to sit through it until the end of the contest. There were some of us that would have much rather seen Jonathan Papelbon go an inning and a third for the save than see NASCAR. To the good ol' boys... wait your damned turn!

One can imagine that Fox's switchboard will light up like a Christmas tree at Macy's on State Street and there will be some really angry letters coming their way. I hope that FOX issues a huge apology to their viewers and they make bloody damned sure they don't do it again. Had the interruption been for a natural disaster or the death of a world leader, that would have been acceptable. FOX needs to decide if it wants to do baseball or NASCAR this time of year. You can't have two masters, folks. It doesn't work that way. Someone had to wait their turn and it was NASCAR. They could have run the race on Sunday and had the network all to themselves or said that "we'll wait until the end of the event that's in front of us."

Think before you act, FOX! You've made a lot of people very angry indeed. Don't make baseball fans angry. You wouldn't like us when we're angry.

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