He played for the Chicago Bulls with Michael Jordan, Scotty Pippin and Dennis Rodman and has two NBA Championship rings to his credit. Today, former NBA star Jason Caffey is in trouble with authorities in Georgia and Alabama for not paying child support for the 10 children he has with eight different women.

Caffey was the subject of a discussion on CNN's Nancy Grace last Saturday in which she took Caffey to task. Caffey owes these women a total of over $300,000 but says he's broke and filed for bankruptcy in Mobile, Alabama.

Sounds like a storyline for either Maury Povich or Jerry Springer? It's sad commentary for this guy, who has ownership of a daycare center and a sports lounge. Since he did file for bankruptcy, he can't be touched by either the feds or the states of Georgia and Alabama. This guy can't keep in his pants, in the literal and figurative sense of the word. 10 kids, eight different women, two states.

If he doesn`t pay his support payments or agree to do so, this could become a public matter. And guess who picks up the tab to pay for these kids. It`s you and me who are going to support his 10 children. Caffey declined an on-camera interview, but he did tell CNN the amount of his child support payments are based on the $5 million salary he made while playing in the NBA. He retired five years ago and doesn`t make the money he once used to.

Here's my solution. The second he loses his bankruptcy protection, take everything and I mean EVERYTHING! Then take the proceeds and give the money to the mothers and the children. Make an example of him. Uncle Sam should slap a huge lien on his properties until he's paid up in full.

In 2000, he was making several million dollars. There was another writ of arrest in 2005 when he made over $6 million. And in 2001, he was $29,000 behind in child support. All these years, he was an NBA star, procreating as if he were the second coming of Wilt Chamberlain. Time to pony up, pal. Your kids deserve it. It's a lot better than sitting in a prison cell.

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