If New York Mets skipper Willie Randolph is still looking behind his back, you can't blame him. His team sits in fourth place in the National League East, behind Philadelphia, Florida and Atlanta. The Associated Press says Randolph’s job appears to be in jeopardy, while other reports Monday indicated pitching coach Rick Peterson and first base coach Tom Nieto could be fired soon.

During their 47-year history, the Mets have fired their manager eight times while a season was in progress. The last time was 1996, when Dallas Green was dismissed with a 59-72 record and replaced by Bobby Valentine. So in other words, Randolph would not be the first manager to get the ax while the seson was in session. It may still happen, it may not. What bothers me is that the Mets ownership are meeting in secret, sort of like the KGB and then broadcasting it to the media. Guys, loose lips sink ships.

The Mets are an old team. They're not spring chickens. If they were any older, they'd qualify for AARP. Their farm system has been depleted, so to speak. All of this fallout could be the result of what happened last season, when they had a lead on Philadelphia and let it slip away.

For his sake, if you're going to fire him, Jeff Wilpon, then do it quickly. Put him and us out of our misery.  It won't solve the bullpen problems and it surely will not get Moises Alou off the DL any faster. This team isn't fooling anyone, not even the Braves. Their feet are firmly on their throats. I wouldn't blame anyone for ending this circus. All the players meetings and meeting with the powers that be are not getting the job done.

Time for the paranoia and looking over your shoulders to end, fellas. "What you are about to do, do quickly."  This was a team that was contending for the NL Playoffs. Now they're looking like pretenders. Omar Minaya, you're not off the hook yourself. You got these old guys on your team that are breaking down faster than an AMC Pacer. Philly, Florida and Atlanta (yes, Atlanta!) are ahead of you and Washingnton's breathing down your neck.  

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