There’s really no introduction necessary for this. Basically, if you can’t figure out what this is all about then you shouldn’t be betting on football. All I can really say about the whole thing is that it’s better to be late than to never be at all. How’s that for philosophical stuff heading into kickoff Sunday?

Note: I am not guaranteeing shit for these. If you bet these to a T and lose money, well, that’s your problem. I’m shooting for 60% accuracy the whole season and those aren’t good odds to follow. They’re best used as supplementary confirmations of spreads you’ve already picked.

One more note: The ones in italics are extra-tasty.

The picks:

Atlanta (+2.5) over Detroit

A solid run game at home against the Lions defense, plus points? Yes, please.

Seattle (+0.5) over Buffalo

As long as Hasselbeck is healthy..

Jacksonville (-3.5) over Tennessee

Is an explanation really even necessary?

N.Y.J. (-2.5) over Miami

I can’t believe this line wasn’t higher.

New England (-16.5) over Kansas City

This line is deceiving at first glance, but if you take the time and think about it, you should come to the logical conclusion.

New Orleans (-3.5) over Tampa Bay

Another line that I couldn’t believe wasn’t higher.

Philadelphia (-7.5) over St. Louis

I smell a beat down…

Pittsburgh (-6.5) over Houston

Rashard Mendenhall’s breakout party.

Cincinnati (+0.5) over Baltimore

Wait a second. The Bengals are GETTING points?

Carolina (+9.5) over San Diego

Jump on the Panthers bandwagon now before the lines start shrinking.

San Francisco (+2.5) over Arizona

This was a toss-up really. Could go either way.

Dallas (-3.5) over Cleveland

And we’re SURE the Browns are the real deal, right?

Indianapolis (-9.5) over Chicago

See the Patriots explanation.

Minnesota (+2.5) over Green Bay

Aaron Rodgers’ first start and he’s GETTING points?

Denver (-1.5) over Oakland


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