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Written by James Brown, Gatorsfirst Co-founder   

I've made so many of these jokes while watching games, I decided to actually codify the rules to a Florida Gators basketball drinking game.

If you're not otherwise occupied on Valentine's Day, play along. The team certainly will be through the rest of the season, and beyond.

I've got a few old games on the DVR, I might give it a few extra tries and add some revisions. But here are the rules...

The basic premise of a drinking game (if you never went to college, and/or never watched the State of the Union Address) is to give you some basic reasons to raise your glass during the course of a game. So here are a few...

1 Drink: If Walter Hodge is referred to as 'left-handed' or 'the old man of the group'. This happened without fail last year, when we had exactly zero seniors, but this year they haven't been saying it as much. Or I've been muting Raycom more than usual.

1 Drink: If Dan Werner misses a three-pointer. Just check out facebook for the reasoning behind this one.

2 Drinks, then buy lotto tickets: Dan Werner makes a three. See above.

1 Drink: Nick Calathes goes behind the back at the half-court line, while bringing the ball up. I might have to cut this out if too many of you end up in hospitals.

1 Drink: Dan Werner ends up on the ground, for any reason.

Empty your glass: Billy D breaks a clipboard. This happens a lot when you're at the game, but TV doesn't always catch it. It'll get you so fired up, you'll probably do this instinctively.

1 Drink: Alex Tyus, with the sky hook. I actually started noticing this more after I started writing about how all of his points came on just hanging out by the rim and waiting for Calathes to drive, draw the D, and dish.

1 Drink: Hodge leaves someone wide open and they drain the 3. Alternatively, Hodge is all over someone, they don't respect him and drive anyways, and shoot over him easily because he's 4 inches tall. If guards on some of the Florida Gulf Coast-type teams we play don't respect his D, why should I?

6 Drinks: "Southeastern Conference" is spoken by announcers/coaches/whoever.  This is a remnant of the rule I use during Monday Night Football (i.e. the 'when Jaws says National Football League'), but there's still a reason we chant 'SEC', guys. That's a drink for each syllable.

1 Shot: Chandler Parsons, made shot (dunks/layup/put-back excluded). If these are free throws, they should be Jager. It's worth noting you'd have been hammered at Vanderbilt, and thirsty every other game.  My advice, don't pour the shots when he goes to the line. Trust me, you want the Jager ice cold when it finally happens.

2 Drinks: Chandler Parsons, missed dunk/layup/put-back. This might be cruel of me.  But you guys like beer, right? I excluded free throws because then it would get out of hand.

1 Drink, preceeded by a loving sigh: Anytime someone says 'Oh-Fours' or any of their names individually (including Chris Richard or Lee Humphrey). If somehow Verne Lundquist is there, feel free to count 'Cliff Richards'.

Anyways, that's all I've got right now. I'll be editing as the season comes to a close, and hope to be able to launch a Gator Nation-wide phenomenon for the 2009 version. Sans-Hodge, of course, but that's OK by me. I'm open to alterations/suggestions and any tales of how it works out for you guys!

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